Pura Puracast Bathroom


from Imex

Puracast offer solid and luxurious baths, all hand finished in classic designs.

Puracast are a range of luxurious baths made from high-quality acrylic and hand-finished at Pura Bathrooms' custom manufacturing facilities in East Sussex. The end result is a smooth, glossy bath that comes with a 25-year guarantee for maximum peace of mind. The range includes freestanding, single-ended, double-ended, and also space-saving options. As well as uncompromising designs, Puracast have an 'eco bathing' range for those who want environmentally friendly options that conserve water. Every bath throughout the range has superb thermal retention meaning that you can expect the water to stay warm for much longer than traditional bath designs. Baths are constructed from several layers of fibreglass matting and resin, which means you can also expect the bath to remain solid as your weight shifts with no 'flexing' as you get in. When combining all these features, the result is a rigid and stylish bath that can be the centrepiece of any modern bathroom.

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What comfort means to every one of us, is as different as our everyday lifestyles. Of course, the bathroom also plays an important role here.  Thanks to Imex's extensive experience in manufacturing high-quality bathrooms, they know what people need: today and tomorrow.  Regionally and globally.  In any home - and for everyone living in it.