Quality surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms.

Since 1935, Bushboard have manufactured surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms with the philosophy in mind that quality designs should be available at a range of price points, and that customers’ design choices in their home should be made without compromise on quality. They aim to do this by applying smart material technology to their manufacturing processes and by ensuring they partner with experienced and capable suppliers and fitters. This is what makes MB Kitchens & Bathrooms proud to include Bushboard amongst our range of products so that we can provide quality surfaces that meet both personal taste and budget.

Bushboard have a long history of manufacture in Britain, starting with Bakelite production during wartime, which progressed to decorative laminate manufacture in the post-war period. Since then, their range and expertise has diversified and they now offer a wide selection of home solutions including worktops, panelling, and splashbacks. They have also invested in new materials throughout their range such as laminate woods and quartz.

The company are one of the UK’s most prominent independent manufacturers, showing a confidence in their methods and products that allows them to manufacture over twenty-five miles of surfaces per week. This work ethic brings a lot of surfaces into a lot of happy homes and workplaces. Their products include innovative surfaces such as the Omega and Zenith ranges. Omega worktops are a collection of postformed surfaces and are designed to appear like stone, wood or marble both to the eye and to the touch.

Zenith is a series of ultra-thin worktops with the look of natural stone yet far easier to install and without the high price tag. This ease of installation without compromise on look or feel are key features of Bushboard products and represent what they aim to do throughout each range. Bushboard go out of their way to build a strong relationship with their retailers, and as a result have opened a training facility dedicated to their worktops which also acts as a showroom for their new and most popular products. Located at their main site in Wellingborough, these facilities ensure that retailers and installers can get a great understanding of the product with model installations and expert advice from the manufacturers themselves.

The people who work at Bushboard are key to what they offer, and that understanding is present both with manufacture and with customer care. They have a dedicated support team who regularly keep in touch with retailers to ensure the latest training and information is available and that partners are wholly qualified to help customers make the best choices. Bushboard are also there to advise at the point of installation with a team ready to help fitters make sure products are successfully put in place.

MB Kitchens & Bathrooms have taken full advantage of the training and ongoing close relationship that Bushboard offer to their retailers. Due to this, we can offer an unparalleled product knowledge and be certain that our customers get the right product for their home, at the right price. A new kitchen or bathroom can be both a financial and emotional investment, and we feel our partnership with Bushboard can help us be with you every step of the way.

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