With experience at the front of what they offer Caple are a kitchen brand to put your faith in.

Caple have been manufacturing kitchen appliances, sinks and taps since 1995. Their aim has been to use their design and production expertise to build a brand you want to put your faith in. Working closely with retailers and taking care of their customers, Caple ensure everyone involved is a stakeholder. It’s this dedication and attention to detail that leads MB Kitchens & Bathrooms to provide Caple products, as we believe in their ability and their philosophy.

The company are also keen to support the local community in Bristol, having previously sponsored the Eat Drink Bristol Fashion festival and working with Josh Eggleton as a brand ambassador. Josh is a Michelin-starred chef and local success story, and his work with Caple shows their dedication to understanding how people really use their products.

This partnership shows a company that goes further than other brands by providing exclusive recipes on their website and keeping their customers advised on cooking trends. The range of products they offer has become wider than many of their competitors and they now provide a selection of appliances with the assured quality of a single brand. As well as ovens, microwaves, hobs and other kitchen essentials, they offer wine cabinets, warming drawers and plinth heaters. This allows customers greater flexibility when selecting a kitchen so that they can create a practical room that is also a central hub in their house.

We have chosen to provide Caple products because of the quality they offer and because of the understanding of customers that has led them to thrive. Their continuing support from start to finish shows an attention to detail that other companies aspire to and this gives MB Kitchens & Bathrooms confidence when providing Caple to our customers as some of the best kitchen furniture available.

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