Cosentino has a vast array of stone or quartz colour options from any one of their three ranges; Silestone, Dekton & Sensa.

Cosentino is a family-owned company with Spanish roots that has grown to become a global brand. They offer premium innovative surfaces designed to suit the high demands of designers and architects. The company consider themselves product-led and believe that their high-quality ranges are a calling card to represent the technologically advanced surfaces they can bring to the market. Their unique products offer an unmatched quality of natural materials, which is why MB Kitchens & Bathroom are proud to provide their range to our customers.

Founded in 1979 in Spain, by Eduardo and Eduarda Cosentino, the company has pioneered new approaches to making natural stone a feature in your home. Their worldwide reach began to grow in 1997 when Cosentino North América was created, followed by Cosentino Northwest Europe shortly after in 1999. Their Latin roots have helped them to build a presence in South America which began in 2000 with the setup of their subsidiary, Latam. This expansion continued and 2010 marked the opening of their 50th facility. Just five years later, a new facility in South Africa saw them establish themselves as a truly global brand with a presence on five continents. Since then they have also won the National Innovation Award by Internationalization and welcomed Cindy Crawford as an ambassador for their Silestone range.

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