Nolte are an international brand who have built their reputation on German manufacturing quality. Founded by Georg Nolte in 1932, the company remains family-owned and has grown from a humble furniture factory to a manufacturer that ships to over 50 countries worldwide.

Remaining a family run business means that Nolte Kitchens have not lost the character and attention to detail that the company was built upon. While manufacturing has modernised and improved over the decades, the care and philosophy has remained intact and the result is a range of kitchen options that can help anyone personalise a space. Nolte have also chosen to keep their manufacturing in Germany, maintaining standards and quality control and ensuring their brand retains their reputation.​

One reason why Nolte have gone from strength to strength is their understanding of their customers. They have sought to diversify their products so that their kitchens have become as individual as the people that buy them. Their range provides options to build a dream kitchen, according to your room, according to your budget, and according to your personal taste. Nolte offers kitchen furniture in both classic and modern styles, including light or dark aesthetic choices and everything from solid colours to natural finishes.

German manufacturing has built a worldwide reputation for its combination of intelligent machining techniques and the human pursuit of quality. Nolte are at the forefront of kitchen manufacturing because they have built on this reputation, and all surfaces, worktops and units are completed to exacting specifications using the latest precise computer-controlled manufacturing. Along with this high technology, decades in manufacturing have allowed Nolte to build up a workforce of qualified employees who can put the finishing touches on their products and ensure everything they produce has the feel of craftmanship. We have seen countless Nolte products so have come to believe in their quality and trust how satisfied customers are with their finished kitchens.

Nolte now has over 13,000 staff and has secured its place as one of Germany’s largest kitchen manufacturers. The decades of experience in the industry have built a range that offers classic to modern, large to small, and finishes from matt to metallic. The diversity of what Nolte creates is what made MB Kitchens & Bathrooms become a specialist retailer for this brand. Their products allow us to offer kitchens that suit personal taste or budget, without compromising the quality of the finished product.

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