Radox bring design innovation to radiators throughout your home

Radox were established in 2008 to bring new radiator solutions to contemporary and discerning homes. Their range is anything but ordinary and each product seeks to provide not only high-quality, functional furniture to your home but also striking and unique designs. They aim to bring something new and on-trend to the market every year, so that their customers always have options. These are the features and attitude that make MB Kitchens & Bathrooms want to provide Radox, so that we can make our customers’ living spaces the best they can be.

Manufacturing starts with only the best EU-sourced materials to ensure a high-quality supply chain and also reliability. Radox aren’t looking to take shortcuts and use only effective and professional manufacturing methods. This gives them the confidence to offer a ten-year guarantee on their towel rails and an extensive lifetime guarantee on the products they manufacture in stainless steel. Radox produce such durable products through manufacture that includes sandblasting and powder coating, which enables far greater durability for the paint applied. They rely on Akzo Nobel paint for its reputation and quality, and can even offer bespoke colours given notice. As well as painted surfaces, they also offer Quartz glass finishes with many colours and styles to choose from. The Quartz range can be used in a variety of situations including mist-free mirrors or kitchen splashbacks. Their chrome plated options are made without copper cyanide or copper plating due to its effect on the environment.

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