Amtico Form Bathroom Flooring


from Amtico

Distinctive style and quality manufacturing are the hallmarks of Amtico Form.

Form is part of the Amtico range which offers British made luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring.  The Form range offers a 30 year warranty on a textured collection of woods and contemporary stones in a variety of sizes and laying patterns.  Form gives an impression of naturalness.

Form is warm to walk on, easy to look after, quiet underfoot and is compatible with underfloor heating.

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About Amtico

Amtico's commercial and residential collections offer an integrated range of luxurious vinyl tiling that have made them one of the most popular tile manufacturers in the UK. Innovative production techniques mean they can offer quality and realism in their vinyl floors to benefit any living space. Amtico’s unique approach and heritage as a manufacturer are what inspired MB Kitchens to become a specialist retailer for this brand. We do this because we trust their products and believe this to be the best way to offer indoor surfaces that create inviting rooms in your home.

Amtico originated in Coventry, a city that built its centuries-long manufacturing reputation first on making ribbons, then watches and clocks, and leading onto bicycles and cars. Today, the crown for Coventry’s manufacturing belongs to Amtico thanks to increasing year-on-year growth and their 400 dedicated staff. The company originated as a co-operative effort between Courtaulds, a UK-based fabric manufacturer, and American Biltrite, an American flooring company. The new project aimed to bring American innovation to a British market, the name Amtico being a short version of the American Tile Company. Despite its American vision and influence, Amtico has always been situated in the Midlands and their work has become testament to the quality of British manufacturing.