Pura Imex Essence Bathroom


from Pura

Imex offer a variety of well-constructed basins, bidets and toilets in quality ceramic materials.

Imex ceramics are a range of products from the Pura Bathrooms family, designed to offer ceramic furniture ranging from urban to period styles. High quality materials mean that the range is full of well-crafted basins, bidets, and toilets with excellent finishes. A range of sizes are available to give versatile options for any existing space. Imex's range includes back-to-wall and wall-hung toilets as well as a number of sinks and vanity units. These come with considerate features such as easy-release seat hinges for ease of cleaning, and soft-closing drawers for an overall feeling of quality. Every unit is made to exacting European quality standards, allowing Imex to offer a 25-year guarantee on all their products for consumer peace of mind. Imex are a British brand with a 37,000 square foot facility in Leicestershire to ensure fast and effective service to every destination in the UK.

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