Waterproof Televisions

Aquavision Waterproof Televisions

from Aquavision

Aquavision is the originator and leading British manufacturer of high-end luxury televisions.  

From the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the patio, Aquavision offers a range of stylish indoor and outdoor television sets, as well as custom mirror televisions that can be used in multiple environments.

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About Aquavision

Aquavision have become a market leader in a field that has pushed boundaries and expectations within the luxury bathroom market. Through British manufacturing, first-class engineering and excellent customer service they have made a series of best-in-class waterproof televisions. This design was the brainchild of Aquavision’s founder, Alastair Benn, whose vision began as a project in his garage and soon became a product belonging in discerning hotels around the country. Alastair remains behind the wheel at Aquavision to ensure the company continues to stride, and it is this enthusiasm and leadership that gives MB Kitchens & Bathrooms such confidence in Aquavision’s range of televisions. In short, we believe their products are a perfect solution to blend bathroom luxury and technology.

Since the flatscreen was invented, televisions have become more ergonomic and had an increasingly smaller footprint in our homes. This innovation has led to finding new applications and new ways to install them in our home with minimal disruption to the existing décor. One of the guiding principles of Aquavision has been to make televisions that can take pride of place in a room with minimal disruption, and it has been this vision that produced several unique products you just won’t find from other companies. This drive for innovation has led to a wide range of high-performance televisions that range from 16” to 100” inches.