Bushboard Nuance Shower Board

Nuance Bathroom Panelling

from Bushboard

Express yourself with marble effect panelling for your bathroom.

The Nuance range is Bushboard’s modern surface designed as the perfect material for bathroom interiors. Made with convenience in mind, it’s manufactured to be easily maintained and stylish. The collection is composed of both bathroom worktops and wall panels, to provide a complete look. As with Bushboard’s other ranges, the Nuance is available in a variety of designs and textures ranging from light coloured Driftwood featuring a wood-textured surface, to Marble Noir with the appearance of dark marble. Panels are created with a patented manufacturing process that makes them 100% impervious to water, so they’re ideal for everything from traditional bathrooms to modern wet rooms. Nuance comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee, offering peace of mind throughout the life of your bathroom.

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About Bushboard

Since 1935, Bushboard have manufactured surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms with the philosophy in mind that quality designs should be available at a range of price points, and that customers’ design choices in their home should be made without compromise on quality. They aim to do this by applying smart material technology to their manufacturing processes and by ensuring they partner with experienced and capable suppliers and fitters. This is what makes MB Kitchens & Bathrooms proud to include Bushboard amongst our range of products so that we can provide quality surfaces that meet both personal taste and budget.

Bushboard have a long history of manufacture in Britain, starting with Bakelite production during wartime, which progressed to decorative laminate manufacture in the post-war period. Since then, their range and expertise has diversified and they now offer a wide selection of home solutions including worktops, panelling, and splashbacks. They have also invested in new materials throughout their range such as laminate woods and quartz.