Cosentino Dekton Brown Kitchen


from Cosentino

Get a stone countertop for that sleek modern centrepiece.

Dekton by Cosentino represents a breakthrough in indoor and outdoor countertop surfaces. Using a unique process known as TSP technology, Dekton can mimic the metamorphic change undergone by stone during its formation under high temperatures over thousands of years. The result is a surface that is hard-wearing, beautiful, and available in a wide selection of finishes from plain colours to natural stone patterns. Unique technology means that the surface is highly resistant to UV rays. This makes it a popular choice as an outdoor countertop to create a space for meals with friends or family. Modern manufacturing techniques mean that Dekton can be made to a variety of thicknesses including ultra-thin.

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About Cosentino

Cosentino is a family-owned company with Spanish roots that has grown to become a global brand. They offer premium innovative surfaces designed to suit the high demands of designers and architects. The company consider themselves product-led and believe that their high-quality ranges are a calling card to represent the technologically advanced surfaces they can bring to the market. Their unique products offer an unmatched quality of natural materials, which is why MB Kitchens & Bathroom are proud to provide their range to our customers.