Nolte Artwood Kitchen


from Nolte

Tame the country aesthetic with the clean lines of Artwood.

Nolte Artwood is for those who want a calm and clear space that can bring a natural styling to their life. The wood designs ensure that the centre of your home has a warm traditional appearance without sacrificing the clean lines of modern furniture.

The Artwood range has colour options from Natural Bough Oak to Flame Scarfed Oak to allow for a variety of light to dark styles that can complement the existing light sources of your room. It’s German manufacturing at its finest, with a colour range and wood styles to match your favourite furniture. The clean design can be combined with both modern and traditional units to create a look that retains the unmistakable beauty of nature.

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About Nolte

Remaining a family run business means that Nolte Kitchens have not lost the character and attention to detail that the company was built upon. While manufacturing has modernised and improved over the decades, the care and philosophy has remained intact and the result is a range of kitchen options that can help anyone personalise a space. Nolte have also chosen to keep their manufacturing in Germany, maintaining standards and quality control and ensuring their brand retains their reputation.​