Nolte Nova Lack Black Kitchen

Nova Lack

from Nolte

Take the less-is-more lifestyle to heart.

The Nova Lack range is for those who take the less-is-more lifestyle philosophy to heart. Designed to be minimalist from the outset, Nolte have designed a concealment door which will bring a sophisticated décor and create a tidy space for your home.

Available in a range of colours from light to dark, this high-gloss lacquer door offers options to suit most existing design plans. They offer clean lines and minimalist styling on the outside, while concealing fully functional kitchen storage on the inside.

The range bears the hallmarks of the same German engineering that can be seen throughout Nolte’s products, while offering practical solutions to maintain a kitchen’s uncluttered look.

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About Nolte

Remaining a family run business means that Nolte Kitchens have not lost the character and attention to detail that the company was built upon. While manufacturing has modernised and improved over the decades, the care and philosophy has remained intact and the result is a range of kitchen options that can help anyone personalise a space. Nolte have also chosen to keep their manufacturing in Germany, maintaining standards and quality control and ensuring their brand retains their reputation.​